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Update by user Mar 03, 2016

Top affiliate of MOBE claims Matt Lloyd stole $60,000 from him!

I hate to say i told you so, but i really did.Back in Nov 2013 i wrote about some of the various ways Matt Lloyd from Australia is constantly stealing money from 100% of his affiliates and is perpetrating fraud on a daily basis.

Finally 1 of his top affiliates has decided to speak out and the entire MLM and Biz Opp Industry are paying attention.

You absolutely must watch these exposing 2 videos where the top affiliate shows in plane-as-day evidence, that Mobe, and Matt Lloyd are literally stealing affiliate commissions from their entire flock. For god sakes, Do Not give Matt Lloyd and Mobe any of your money. By the way the affiliate who made the "tell-all" video is named Bazi Hassan. He is a hardworking good guy.

He is just one of 1000's of affiliates that are having their commissions stolen by Matt Lloyd.

Watch the video on yt!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze2KLOGEVeY

Original review posted by user Nov 02, 2013

Guys run away from My top tier business and Matt lloyd!!!

Tons of people are writing about how Matts scam works across the internet.

I feel that is important to help save innocent people from this bait and switch scam that nearly stole $2000 from me and did manage to trick me out of $49.00.

At this Matts site, when you read the sales letter Matt promises to hand out his entire system for free. Ok fine. His video on his site where he rambles for over 30 minutes also makes the exact same lie, I mean claim.

In his video, I counted 7 times where he claimed he was giving his system away for free, then at about the 27 or 28 minute mark, he says he now wants $49.

That is the first part of the Matts ***. It gets much worse. So I pay $49 thinking that I will be able to make the big commissions that Matt keep talking about. $1000, $3000 and $5000.

At this point, I'm upset that he lied in order to get me to watch his video, but I ended up still making the *** mistake of paying him $49 by credit card.

Then after I pay, I got nothing. His site did not even work after I paid. So I go searching all over the net, and I'm forced to read fake reviews of his scam by his affiliates who obviusly were tricked just like me.

Ultimately I and 100s of others were completely fooled into giving him the $49 thinking that we can earn the big $1000 and $5000 commissions he promises.

No, you cant. There is another part of the scam. The company makes you watch out dated videos for 6 straight days. Honest.

Then, on day 6, you find out as so many others have shared this exact expereince, warrior forum, that you actually need to pay $2000 more - to be allowed to earn the big commissions.

If you only pay $49, Matts company will only allow you to sell some crappy PLR private label rights products that basically anybody can get off the internet for free.

Basically, the system is not anywhere close to free which Matt promised, and still promises.

You need to pay $49 plus pay $1997 for the license. If you don't pay both these fees, you don't get the license, and this means you don't get the system. - and this means, you never, ever will be able to make the big commissions Matt brags about.

This scam needs to be stopped. This is a perfect example of what we in America call a bait-and-switch scam. This scam wasted a full 7 days of my life.

To join with the likes of Matt, you will have to lie to others. If you feel comfortable lying to others to make money, well that's up to you. Obviously I decided to not give them $2000.

Monetary Loss: $49.


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OK, so if I were to pay the $2000, what next?How much do I have to shell out to bring traffic?

I'm always willing to stick my neck out if there's something in it for me, and I don't listen to whingers and whiners who expect a free ride. I'm a hard worker, can afford the $2000 and would be prepared to work my *** off for $1000 repeat commissions.

I want to hear from people who've had success, not tyre kickers.



Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1045832

after I paid 49 $ for register / What next?


You have to spend money to make money, loser.That's a basic principle of business.

Lazy "gimme" people like you just want a company to send you the check without you putting in any investment or effort.

Life only works that way for welfare sucks.Responsible people realize that the French impressionist painter Goya (Get Off Your ***) is our favorite artist and we are the ones pulling in the $ while you sit home in your mother's basement and moan.


I am not sure why the site did not work for you.I am actually someone who paid the $49.The site worked great for me.

The lessons were very helpful. Plus my back office rocks. Since you paid the money you should still be able to log in. I would contact support.

They were very helpful and efficient with any concerns I had.

I hope this helps.Have a great day.

to Anonymous Longview, Texas, United States #1030673

How much they pay you to make thus comment... lol...this person is either paid or a part of the scam.


I am glad I found out that is a scam earlier.I did waste 2hrs of my life watching this video.

I did not recieve my 49$ back.

Karma is a itch!U know the rest.

Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, United States #994527

Yes, I signed up and then was working my way through the steps, when I received an email requesting $1997. I told them in the beginning I live on $978 and support two other adults. I have cancelled this, and I take it aftr reading tis I will not get my $49.99 back either????

Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #952839

I'm sickened because I'm almost thru all steps acc I paid the 49 & not being able to wait to start making the money! Wow! Way to blow my day out of the water!


Anyone who complains about having to spend $49 to get access to a good business plan is a fool and a loser who needs to stay away from the business arena, period.All these people complaining are the same clowns who say they want to make money and then go around tire-kicking and expecting something good for nothing.

Guess what? It takes money to make money, and it also takes risk, effort, and some sacrifice. Matt Lloyd's MOBE program is one of the most intelligent, well put-together, and accessible income producing programs out there, and if he charges a $49 admission fee it is to keep tire-kickers and losers out. He doesn't want to waste his time with moochers who expect to get something of value for nothing.

The information you get during the first six days of his training is worth the $49 many, many times over, but it involves work and effort, and that doesn't sit well with the typical mooching losers who abound all over the internet.To them I say, stick to your McJob and leave entrepreneurship to people who understand what it takes to start a business!

to Anonymous #1008868

Ok so Matt did say free, and then ask $49, no one is complaining about that.But after you get done with the steps and now he ask for 1997.00 then I can understand why people are not so trusting.

some times that 49.00 is all the person have and is taking a big risk knowing they have to feed their families. I've also paid the 49.00 if it cost me anymore without me making a dime it'll end right then. I will get my 49.00 back I did record the video using my phone he said he will return it.

Just that I do have a online job that pays well and I never had to pay a dime...But if this work it works....

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